On behalf of the governors, the teaching staff and the parents’ committee, I would like to welcome you to K Tahta Armenian Community Sunday School (KTACSS). It is my distinct privilege to serve as the headteacher of the KTACSS, which has been a vital asset in the Armenian Community of GB for over four decades.

There is something very special about our school, we are very proud of our unique children, supportive parents, dedicated staff and forward-thinking governors. The mission of our School is to create an Armenian-speaking environment where children may broaden their interest in the Armenian culture, enhance their knowledge and enjoyment of the language and ultimately become good Armenians in the Diaspora to better serve our society. We promote good citizenship and mutual respect while appreciating our very special Armenian heritage.

KTACS School offers parallel classes both in Eastern and Western Armenian to pupils aged between 3 to 16 years, composed of 3 curriculum stages:

  • Nursery – 2 years

  • Pre–academic – 2 years

  • Academic Section – 9 years

Classes are also offered to adults wishing to learn Armenian.

We have carefully designed our curriculum to develop thinking skills, encouraging confidence and opportunities for children to be excited about learning the Armenian language, history and the rich Armenian culture. Our curriculum covers various aspects of the language – namely reading, writing, conversation and grammar as well as important events in the Armenian history. It is our aim and aspiration to educate all children who come to the school about their Armenian heritage and culture and the origins of our race.

Our system relies on the triangle of support between the School, the Student and the Parents. It is this unity and the cooperation that enables us to achieve the highest standards of learning through modernised approaches.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about KTACS School. I look forward to welcoming you on Sundays to our school and our close-knit community that we have worked so hard to build.


Ruzanna Tatulian


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